Dear CBOAC Members & Potential Members,

CBOAC is a relatively small organization with a very large message: Each of our members has the knowledge and experience of all of our members behind them.

When I joined CBOAC I didn’t realize the actual value of becoming a member. It’s only been the last few years that I’ve come to realize that the real value of being a member actually lies within its membership. As members, each of us has the opportunity to reach out to our membership for advice, interpretations, common experiences, things that many of us have in common as county officials. This is the real benefit that we gain as members of CBOAC.

We have a tremendous depth of experience in our members that always gives us a place to turn for answers and advice, from code questions to management questions and more. There is never a lack of answers or advice to questions posed to our membership on our Google Groups list serve.

When I first moved from a city building official position to being a county building official I was not prepared for the differences between the two. Eventually, it made me more aware of the many challenges we face that other jurisdictions do not. Being a member of CBOAC gives us a forum to communicate with others who have, or have had, similar challenges, issues or experiences. It gives us the opportunity to discuss different issues and situations that we, as county building officials, have to deal with. Many times the help I’ve received from other members has helped me make better informed decisions and to realize there are others with the same or similar issues that we have in our county. Through the process of communicating and sharing our experiences and knowledge, we all can and do learn from each other!

Our Annual Business Meeting provides an opportunity for us to renew our contacts with other Building Officials, consultants and industry representatives and also gives us an opportunity to make new friends and contacts as well.

I wish to thank each of our board members for their help and direction in putting together our 2015 ABM to be held at the beautiful Tenaya Lodge, just outside of Yosemite Park. It is not possible for just one person to do all of the work that has to be done to put on a successful event. Thanks especially to all of you who volunteered to be on committees or to help in other ways. And a Great Big Thanks to all of our SPONSORS, without whose help we would not be able to put on these meetings. The time and effort you all put into this organization is truly amazing and greatly appreciated. It is your dedication and belief in the County Building Officials Association that helps to make this such a great organization.

I look forward to working with everyone to make our 2015 meeting at the Tenaya Lodge, on October 26th, 27th & 28th, a successful and positive experience for everyone attending.

For those of you reading this who are not already members, I recommend trying out a membership for a year. You don’t have to be a county building official to be a member. Everyone is welcome and all members, whether city or county, can benefit from becoming a member! Attend our ABM if you can, or at least take advantage of our Google Groups list serve. I think it will make you a believer and you will want to renew your membership for the next year!

If you take only one message away from this let it be that: As a member you have the knowledge and experience of all of our members to help assist you with questions on anything relating to the codes, duties and decisions that you as a building official are tasked with administering.

John Stover
2014-2015 CBOAC President
Building Official
Tehama County

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CBOAC was established in 1963 to provide Building Officials within California’s 58 counties an effective way to communicate and share relevant information pertaining to the counties and communities they serve.


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Our organization is dedicated to supporting efforts towards greater communication, education and networking among code officials, industry and design professionals.

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