CBOAC turns 50 in 2013. As we approach our golden anniversary, I think back during my 13 years as a Building Official for Sonoma County and member of CBOAC. Our organization has seen dramatic changes during that time. Changes that pretty much reflect what local jurisdictions, ICC Chapters, CALBO, and our industry partners have gone through from boom to bust to slow recovery.   Everything has changed, and everyone has had to make changes, sacrifice, and step up to the plate even more.

CBOAC has had to reinvent itself in many ways, and yet, try to remain the same quality organization. An organization providing a unique, relevant, and valuable experience for our membership. You need only attend one Annual Conference to understand what CBOAC brings to the table.  

In 2010-11, then President Bill Kelley of Marin County set forth a roadmap to redefine CBOAC and give direction for the future. To strategically recapture our purpose, grow our membership, deliver service, and cultivate partners. Last year, President Jeff Janes of Madera County followed that roadmap to provide one of the most successful Annual Conferences in our history with a 60% increase in attendance over the previous 4 years.

As incoming President, I am excited to plan what promises to be a memorable 50th anniversary for CBOAC. I do not plan on reinventing the wheel, but refining that wheel’s ability to roll faster and farther. My focus will be on you the member, continued growth of our membership and cultivating partnerships. My goals include providing my best effort to provide members with a quality program for our 50th Annual Conference, and enhancing our ties with ICC, CALBO, CSAC, local ICC Chapters, and our Industry partners that have supported CBOAC through thick and thin.

I look forward to serving you as President of CBOAC.   As such, I look forward to any comments, questions or suggestions you may have toward the ultimate goal of improving our organization and membership.

DeWayne Starnes, PE, CBO
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CBOAC was established in 1963 to provide Building Officials within California’s 58 counties an effective way to communicate and share relevant information pertaining to the counties and communities they serve.


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Our organization is dedicated to supporting efforts towards greater communication, education and networking among code officials, industry and design professionals.

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